A warm welcome to you from Little Eagles.  We are a small, friendly rural Pre School in Nether Alderley, close to the village of Alderley Edge.

We have tried our best to show all that we offer in our website. To find out more, please get in touch to arrange a visit.  I look forward to welcoming you to our Pre School soon.

Angie Dale - Pre School Manager

Telephone (during school hours): 01625 383 062    Mobile: 07747 523658   E-mail: napsac1@hotmail.co.uk

Little Eagles Pre School, Nether Alderley Primary School, Bradford Lane, Nether Alderley, SK10 4TR

Little Eagles is a safe, fun and friendly environment where children can socialise and learn through play. The pre-school is open to every family in the surrounding community and is a great way for children and parents to make friends before starting Primary School.

Most children first attend pre-school around the time of their third birthday, however, we are able to accept children from the age of two if we have available spaces.

We are open for approximately 38 weeks per year to match the dates of Nether Alderley Primary School term times.

Each session is three hours long with the option to book double sessions along with an additional lunch session on Monday to Thursday.  See more details on the Little Eagles page.

In addition to the Little Eagles Pre School, we also offer an After School Club for Nether Alderley Primary School pupils.

Little Eagles is a Charity organisation and we regularly perform fundraising activities. If you are able to help, or interested in learning more we would be happy to explain how it all works. More details on the NAPSAC page.